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Sabra's Restoration

The Build Cost

Sabra Johnson like most major builders charges time and materials versus fixed final price bids which for many is a huge unknown, so Sabra has created ROM charts which help consumers form possible ranges of mah=gnitudes based on the desired level of finish and style of build. Although there are dozens of key decisions through a full restoration process, Sabra says there are (4) key decisions that undoubtedly chart the vision of the build thereby making future decisions easier.

Decision 1

Decide A Restoration Path

Every build has a visionary direction. Once a vision is chosen, that visionary direction serves as a filter for all next build steps. Use the illustrator below to help determine the best direction for your build. 

restoration chart 2.jpg

Decision 2

Decide Your Chassis & Performance Preference 

The second most important choice involves chassis & performance. Use the illustrator below to help determine the best chassis and engine choice.  

restoration chart 3.jpg

Decision 3

Determine A Paint & Body End Desire

The third most important choice involves addressing the paint and body process. Use the illustrator below to help determine the best paint and body choice. 

restoration chart 1.jpg

Decision 4

Select A Upholstery Feel and Quality

The final important choice involves choosing the right path for your interior.  Use the illustrator below to help determine the best paint and body choice.  

restoration chart 4.jpg

The Restorations by Sabra Project Management Team has created a restoration questionnaire to help you get started with confidence. This 10 part questionnaire walks you through the restoration "get started process" so Sabra has in your own words your true scope of work and your desired investment ranges. After Sabra and his team reviews this information, a team member will contact you to clarify your points and then schedule a personal meeting with the builder. 


Once we have decided to work together you receive a dedicated project manager and account specialist to ensure you receive the highest level of personal care throughout the build process. Sabra's PM team will provide you updates along the way of your vehicle being built, assembled, tested and scheduled for delivery anywhere in the world. 


Get started today by starting your online interview. 

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