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About Sabra

Sabra is one of the most recognized and respected influencers in the aftermarket industry. Sabra’s industry connection and service career spans 30 plus years. Starting as a young man working at his cousin’s European Sales and Performance Shop, he learned the value and importance of hard work and dedication. Today, Sabra is the owner of one of the largest classic car restoration companies in the country. Under Sabra’s tutelage, City Classic Cars and Restorations by Sabra in the greater Houston, Texas area maintains a strong footing in the classic car restoration space.
Through his multi-location company, he has developed some of the best clients and custom restoration projects in the aftermarket. Sabra has designed and built vehicles for heads of state, corporate leaders, celebrities, and international leaders. Sabra has shipped vehicles to Australia, Dubai, Canada, Mexico, Argentina, and Europe.

Sabra realized that disruptive innovation was the only way to revolutionize the aftermarket. As a visionary, he saw that there was a glaring system and talent gap in the industry regarding restoration. Sabra’s innovative thinking led him to create his legendary 25-step build process. Sabra created a detailed systematic approach to building vehicles that outlines the flow of the build process. He then built a multi-campus company to implement his 25-Step Build Process along with his signature restoration accounting, billing, and design platform. Sabra’s 25-step build process is now the standard when it comes to professionally building a vehicle.

Sabra’s visionary insight, innovative thinking, and faithfulness were all honed for many years through para-church ministry and full-service ministry until his retirement from pastoring and church leadership. Sabra forged both his natural talent and his God-given fortitude into the aftermarket and he has catapulted to the top. Sabra enjoys collecting vintage and classic cars from all over the world. You can always find him at one of the leading collector car auctions or a tan exclusive collector car sale. Sabra is a member of the Antique Automotive Club of America, Porsche Club of America, The Ferrari Club of America, The Classic Car Club of America, Good Guys, The American Quarter Horse Association Pro Level, The Thoroughbred Racing Association, SEMA, PRI, Redline member of the SEMA Pac, The Rolls Royce Club, The Bentley Driver’s Club, Klein Chamber of Commerce, and High Meadow Ranch Golf Club. When Sabra is not making industry connections or expanding his business, he enjoys spending time with his wife and family at their equestrian ranch- Horsepower Ranch in Magnolia, Texas. All in all, Sabra embodies the spirit of restoration and redemption in his company and in his personal life, as he shares his life story with youth across America via his Sabra Talks program with local Boys and Girls Clubs throughout the country.


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“My singular purpose in life is to share with significance the redeeming power of RESTORATION through my life, my talks, my writings, my investments, my family, my faith and my work as an automotive restorer for the benefit of everyone to the Glory of Him”- Sabra Johnson 



The Restomod Factory Creator

As an avid collector, Sabra saw first hand the market proliferation of unbalanced and unrecognizable vehicles termed restomod which he described as a war between yesterday and today. The Sabra solution for the industry was to create the City-Mod® in 2017 built at his famous Restomod Factory City Classic Cars using his signature 25 Step Build Process and Philosophy. 

Restoration Masterclass

A master class is a class given to students of a particular discipline by an expert of that discipline— The Restoration Masterclass by Sabra allows viewers to learn his signature build process and an art form of restomodding. Sabra shares detailed instruction and insight on professional techniques, processes and the art of building cars.

 Classic Car Rental Program

As a restorer at one of the largest automotive restoration companies in the United States, Sabra realized only a few can truly afford owning a restored classic vehicle. Seeing this gap in the market,  Sabra determined to build a car collection for Houstonians so he launched Classic Cinema Car Rentals serving brides of Houston Texas.  

Texas Rancher

Horsepower Ranch and JHPR Performance Horses are the foundation for his automotive genius. Sabra modeled his automotive restoration philosophy/process along the lines of a how a champion horse is developed. Sabra’s facilities flow in the manner of a racehorse operation. Horsepower ranch is grounded in patience and trust. Every moment matters as the horses are developed. This format is exactly how Sabra designs and builds each restoration project.  Sabra believes the heart beat of a champion is found in the character, details and product that is produced.

Aftermarket Leader

Sabra is a PRI founding PRI member, an active member of SEMA and its PAC and the Chairperson of the UAC. The UAC is a rich tapestry that transcends cultural barriers, generational gaps, societal labels and geographical limitations while embracing that urban swagger of hip, hot and happening. The UAC is a movement that reflects who you are, what you want, and where your aftermarket business is going.

Motivational Speaker - Success Coach

You owe it to yourself to recognize your gifts, your power, and your place in the world, no matter your story or your struggle, and Sabra Johnson—celebrated motivational guru, teacher, and problem-solver to many of the top athletes and business leaders
—has the blueprint to get you there.

Author & Writer

He teaches in Born to succeed that success is a birthright! Regardless of what you have been told or how you may feel, success is a part of your inner being, failure is learned. The fact is that it's not just about hard work, the right choices, and your mindset; it is about activating the spirit of success that is already inside of you. When you learn to recognize that success is a part of who you are, a healthy and
happy life is inevitable for you! This book is your turning point!

Movie & Film Car Coordinator, Media Personality & Content Producer

The demand for movie cars — particularly cars modified to safely perform specialized stunts or create specific shots — has led to a relatively new title, buried low in the final credits, that is appearing more often: picture car coordinator. And one of the busiest picture car coordinators is Sabra Johnson, who often works for studios inAtlanta and independent film makers in Houston. But building classic cars, and lots of them, is still the heart of Sabra Johnson’s job. 

Restomod Lifestyle Product Manufacturer

Explore the latest Restomod merch, including t-shirt, hoodie, dress attire, home accessories and more! Buy Exclusive Restorations by Sabra Merch and Enjoy Up to 30% Discounts- store 

Restomod Lifestyle Product Manufacturer

Explore the latest Restomod merch, including t-shirt, hoodie, dress attire, home accessories and more! Buy Exclusive Restorations by Sabra Merch and Enjoy Up to 30% Discounts- store 


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25 Step Build Process

Once the deposit and agreement are received, further specifics are determined about the build – suspension, transmission, engine, drive-line, wheels, etc. – and renderings are started.  Parts lists are created and labor is charted. At this phase, The Texas Custom Car Builder goes to work to create a detailed build treatment plan for your project.


This typically all happens before the car even arrives. Our wait list can be anywhere from six months to a year.  Communication between the builder and the customer during this time is key – not only to get prepared and get a build plan in place but to ensure you remain aware of the timeline.

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