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Step Build Process


This restoration process, developed by Sabra Johnson, is unique to City Classic Cars. Every restoration goes through this journey to ensure quality, safety, functionality, and outcome. As a direct result of our philosophy, it does not allow for shortcuts at any step in any department.

01/ Discovery: Listening and Sharing Phase of The Project 
02/ Design: The Project Profile, Illustrate the visionary direction of the build

03/ The Tear Down: Delayering, Disassembly, Documentation and Storage

04/ Parts Procurement: Order Parts and Start Major Rebuilds of Mechanical and Interior Systems

Discovery & Design.png
Metal Fabrication.png

05/ Fab Shop 1: Sheet Metal Work- Rust Removal, Alignment, Dent Removal, and Floor Pans
06/ Fab Shop 2: Chassis Development

07/ Mechanic Fab 1: Mock- Gap and Ride Height

08/ Mechanic Fab 2: Powertrain & Drivetrain: Mock fit for chassis and body 

09/ Mechanic Fab 3: Powder Coating: Disassembly and Reassembly of Chassis Power Coating

10/ Body Shop 1: Initial Body- Raw Body Work
11/ Body Shop 2: Body Gaps & Fit- Line Shaping and Pre-Fitment of Bumpers, Chrome and other Exterior components

12/ Body Shop 3: Final Body- Block Sanding and Final Primers

Body Shop.png
Paint Shop.png

13/ Paint Shop 1: Painter's Block- Water Sanding & Final Inspection
14/ Paint Shop 2: Prep Time- Disassembly, Repositioning and Masking for Paint

15/ Paint Shop 3: Booth Time- Coloring and Clearing Process

16/ Paint Shop 4: Post Booth Time- Color Sanding, Buffing 

17/ Fit Garage 1: Finishing, Interior, and Technology Join Coach and Chassis and assemble all body sections 
18/ Fit Garage 2: Finishing, Interior and Technology - Electrical wiring, Final Assembly; Ready car for Trim Shop

19/ Fit Garage 3: Trim Shop Final Creations of Wood/Fiberglass/Upholstery, Audio-Visual Systems Interior Components, Glass Installation

FIT Garage.png
Performance Shop.png

20Performance Shop 1: Powertrain, Drivetrain and Accessory Drive Systems Final Installation and Tuning
21/ Performance Shop 2: Chassis Perfection and Custom Exhaust 

22/ Performance Shop 3: Ancillary Mechanical Systems are Tuned and Tested

23/ Build Completion: Evaluate Master Checklist, Final Adjustments, Initial Road Test and Preliminary Reveal/Client Test Drive
24/ R & D Final Road Testing: Once the assembly and all systems are complete, we road test the vehicle for 200-500 miles.  Once the drive-ability and systems evaluations are approved by Sabra, the final detail and scheduling of delivery are completed. During this phase of the dream process, the admin team coordinates all vehicle marketing- whether that branding involves debuting at one of the tops shows or entering the SEMA Show Battle of Builders, registered for an award, or other global shipping details. Sabra also coordinates a “custom manual” empowering the client to enjoy and understand the vehicle for greater enjoyment.

"Dream Delivery": Final Reveal and Delivery to the Client -Full detailing of vehicle inside & final photo documentation process 

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