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Your Dream Car, Your Car Budget: Navigating the Classic Car Restoration Journey with Celebrity Car Builder Sabra Johnson.

Updated: Mar 15

Embarking on a classic car restoration is not just a project; it's a journey, an exploration of your automotive dreams. Sabra Johnson understands that every enthusiast and car collector has a unique vision for their prized restored automotive dream car. To assist you in turning your classic vehicle dream into restoration reality, so Sabra Johnson of Restorations By Sabra has crafted a restoration cost and timeline roadmap – the ROM (Restoration, Options, Magnitude) chart. These restoration help first time restorers successfully complete a car restoration. The Restorations By Sabra signature restoration charts serve as your guide, helping you make informed restoration decisions at every step of the restoration build process.

Whether you are restoring a car, truck, home or even the Notre Dame cathedral, cost is always a factor on every economic scale.


Select A Restoration Choice

Sabra says every restoration dream has a financial cost point and timeline to build, but how can you determine that restoration cost and that timeline of restoration. Your dream, your vision—this is where it all begins. Choosing the right restoration direction is like setting the financial foundation for your classic car's revival. Restorations By Sabra and other award winning car builders across the country offer various visionary directions, each tailored to match different styles and levels of design choices. So work with your professional car builder to produce a award winning restoration on a budget and in a timeline that works for you!

Generally speaking, a factory correct restoration is less expensive than a restomod while a pro touring car is more expensive and time consuming than either and the custom is just that an unknown restoration cost point that requires a strong trusting relationships between the builder and the client.


Select A Restoration Choice


Select A Chassis & Performance Choice

The heartbeat of your classic car lies in its chassis and performance. City Classic Cars provides an array of chassis and engine options, ensuring your vehicle not only looks stunning but performs exceptionally. Use the illustration below to navigate through the choices and select the chassis and performance combination that resonates with your dream ride.

Sabra says repairing a powertrain may be a better option that restoring the complete mechanical systems. In this videos Sabra Johnson explores the facts of classic car repair in the context of restoring a dream car:

Select A Paint & Body Choice

The exterior is the first restoration impression—make it count. Our third key restoration time and cost decision involves the paint and body process. Restorations By Sabra offers a range of options to give your classic car the perfect exterior look. Classic Car Paint and Body is normally a time and materials billing process across Houston Texas by the top restoration shops which means there is no fixed cost for classic car paint and body.

Select A Paint & Body Choice

Select A Upholstery Choice

The interior is where comfort meets style. The final decision revolves around choosing the right restoration upholstery that complements your overall vision and your custom car build budget. Knowing the condition of your rust will greatly help you understand the magnitude of your custom car paint process likewise the knowledge of your interior helps prepare for cost and timeline realities.

 UPHOLSTERY & Custom Interiors

Your dream, your choice. Restorations By Sabra is here to empower you in every financial restoration decision, making your vintage, antique or classic restoration journey not just seamless, but truly reflective of your unique vision and personal financial abilities. Ready to bring your classic car dream to life? Connect with us today and let the restoration adventure begin!

Restorations By Sabra

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Spring, Texas 77379


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